About Plastic Bag Manufacturers


Plastic Bag Manufacturers CC is a member of the Plastic Converters Association of South Africa (PCASA) and is owner managed by
Rael Meyers. We first opened our doors in the early part of the 1960′s and we have been running independently ever since.

Our company is an extruder and manufacturer of a wide variety of polyethylene flexible packaging. Our entire product range is of the
highest possible quality because we only use virgin raw material, and do not use any re-cycled material.

PLASTIC BAG MANUFACTURERS provide flexible packaging solutions to all commercial, industrial and wholesale sectors.

Our vision is to provide our customers with our best attention, quality and service at all times.

Our products, manufactured using only virgin material, with no printing done, include the following:

  • Flexible packaging for customers unique specifications
  • Low density bags (coloured or transparent)
  • Low density sheeting (coloured or transparent)
  • Low density tubing (coloured or transparent)
  • Shrinkwrap material (sheeting or tubing)
  • High density refuse and millinery bags

We operate and deliver mainly in Gauteng, (old PWV area) Pretoria, East Rand areas and West Rand. We service and use couriers to Namibia, as well as clients nationally.


Payment Methods  


We accept mainly EFT payments, and unfortunately do not have credit card facilities, since we are a manufacturing/wholesale business, and not retailers.